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Book 21
RE and music education -
singing from the same songsheet?
Penny Hollander and Ruth Houston

REthinking Book 20

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A 'teaching and learning' series to help all teachers responsible for RE.
  • Applying the latest research on teaching and learning to RE
  • Relevant for either Primary or Secondary schools
  • Fresh, practical ideas and examples to use in the classroom

Titles already published:

  • Encouraging thinking in RE
  • Brain based learning – lessons for RE
  • Using stories and poetry to stimulate thinking in RE
  • Try something different – approaches to teaching and learning in RE
  • Planning challenging RE lessons
  • Planning for effective learning in RE – Differentiation and assessment
  • Story and Storytelling in RE
  • Concept Cracking – a practical way to teach big ideas in RE
  • God, Faith and the classroom
  • Using Drama in RE - making the abstract concrete
  • Spirtiuality: an approach through Christian Spiritual Traditions
  • Rethinking Moral and Character Development
  • Adding a global dimension to the teaching of RE
  • Teaching worldviews in RE
  • Effective use of ICT in RE
  • Religion and science-seeing with both eyes
  • Meeting the needs of able, gifted and talented pupils in RE
  • Visual literacy in RE teaching and learning
  • We and They - using RE to support community cohesion
  • Stardust and stones - RE and learning outside the classroom

Book 21 is available now

Book 21
RE and music education -

singing from the same songsheet?
Penny Hollander and Ruth Houston

REthinking Book 20

Music has been a major part of all religions. It has the power to alter and match moods, to sustain and evoke emotion, to induce trance or ecstasy states, to express worship and to entertain.

'Bowker Oxford Dictionary of World Religions'

Contents include:

  • Three E's: an approach to using music in RE lessons
  • RE and spiritual development
  • Religions and music
  • Using music to teach RE
  • Accessible music resources for RE lessons

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